Dating Safety Tips

Online dating can occasionally seem like a dangerous place but it doesn’t have to be. The idea is to be practical and realistic and ensure you have the tools and information you need to have a spectacular and safe time dating –  here are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Safety Tips When Dating Online

Take your time

Start by exchanging messages solely on our site. “Go slow and get to know” –  watch out for odd behaviour or inconsistencies while chatting because the person on the other end might not be who they say they are. Most of all, embrace your instincts, it’s your natural guidance system, so avoid anything that gives you a bad feeling.

Protect your anonymity

Our platform is the safest and best way to communicate with other singles. If you choose to connect outside of the platform, never give away your last name, email address, URL to personal websites, home address, phone number, place of employment, or any other identifying information.

Stop chatting with anyone who tries to deceive you into disclosing this information or presses you for it when you’re not ready to.

Trust those with multiple photos

It’s best to explore a variety of images of the person in diverse settings: indoors and outdoors, perhaps with friends or family – but don’t take photos as 100% proof they are who they say they are.

Consider moving on if the person keeps giving excuses as to why they don’t have a profile picture or photos of themselves – it’s a dating site after all!

Only meet at your pace

There’s no obligation to meet, and even if you do, you can always change your mind. Before deciding to have a face-to-face meetup, establish a connection on a personal level and find out as much as possible about them before committing to meeting up.

Follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Use public transit or arrange your own transportation to and from the meet location, at least for the first several meet-ups. Pick a location with good lighting where you can anticipate there will be other people. Never allow yourself to be picked up at your home address.
  • Inform someone of your plans, where you’re going, and the name and phone number of the person you’ll be meeting.
  • Meet up in crowded places; eateries, or other public spaces. Let a friend know you’re meeting them and give them a code word that you can text them at any point alerting them to call you and offer a stealthy getaway option if necessary.

A few simple warning signs to be aware of

Be vigilant of people displaying strange behaviours such as:

• Strange comments, insults or inappropriate remarks

• Anger and a strong sense of resentment

• Contradictory information about themselves

• Refusal to speak over the phone after establishing a connection online.

• Is unable to answer basic personal questions.

Always err on the side of caution and stop all communications as soon as you suspect something is off. Your safety is priority number 1!

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